Diversity encompasses so much more than just the color of our skin or our country of origin. Diversity is about celebrating our differences, and recognizing the value of these differences.

We’ve seen evidence of this throughout history, in modern social science research, and across varied academic fields like biology and economics. Diversity is an asset.

Diversity improves the economy, whether we’re talking about diversification of our portfolios or the diversity found leading many of this nation’s (and our community’s) startups and small businesses.

Diversity improves culture through the sharing of new art, music, literature, dance, fashion, film, and food.

Diversity improves ingenuity and innovation: many minds, many experiences, and many perspectives, working towards a common goal can yield profound results.

In this increasingly diverse world we live in, we find it paramount to embrace, celebrate, and advocate for diversity and inclusion, not simply because it is the right and moral thing to do, but because it is the best way to help our community thrive.