About Us

Who we are and What we do...

The Welcome Center


The FDC is open to anyone needing help with questions on how to navigate the different systems of support in Faribault. We are here during business hours to give information to families about medical care, social services, employment and public education. We don’t provide direct services in these areas but we help connect families to the appropriate organizations for support.


The Arts

The FDC strives to promote Diversity through education in the arts. We will hold classes to give people an opportunity to learn dances from the cultures of Asia, Latin America, the Pacific Islands and Africa


Currently, we have Cambodian dance classes happening every Sunday.


Besides dance we honor arts and crafts and promote lessons and presentations around the history and different styles of arts and crafts throughout the world.


History, Heritage and Culture

In order to create a community where all is welcomed and respected, the FDC runs classes about history, heritage and culture that make up the great city of Faribault. These classes are focused on helping all of us get to know our neighbors a little bit better and help us appreciate all our differences and similarities.




The FDC will help promote and support existing festivities in Faribault as well as hosting its own. The FDC holds an annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Breakfast to raise awareness of past and present civil rights issues and to also celebrate all the progress made in the realm of civil rights. We will participate and help support holidays and celebrations that are put on by our ethnic communities such as the Cambodian New Year, Eid, and Cinco de Mayo, etc.


We will also be holding events during established commemorative months to show support and celebrate our current ethnic diversity.

Heritage Months

February – Black History Month


May – Asian Heritage Month


September – Hispanic Heritage Month


October – European Heritage Month (set by FDC)


November – Native American Heritage Month